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Hendriks Green Logistics

Hendriks Green Logistics consists of a team of more than 20 specialists. Our team transports your trees and plants to almost any destination in Europe. You will find us on an easily accessible industrial estate, just along the A15 in Opheusden. Our fleet consists of more than 15 trucks and a BE-combi. We use the trucks mainly for easily accessible final destinations. The BE-Combi is perfect for delivering large and small trees to destinations that are difficult to reach. You heard it already! We like to give you starting points in solutions from small to large.

Our one-stop concept

Hendriks offers you a complete one-stop concept. We think in terms of solutions and take care of everything from first contact, all the way through completing the loading and unloading of your trees and plants.

Our mission

Our mission is to transport your trees and plants throughout Europe as efficiently as possible. This way of working saves costs for our customer, and emissions for our trucks


We have been carrying plants and trees throughout Europe since 1999. We started with one truck and two trailers. By now, we have grown into a thriving organisation with more than 20 employees and a full fleet.

Our strengths

Hendriks Green Logistics is centrally located in Opheusden, NL, the largest area of avenue tree nurseries in Europe. Our strength is our knowledge and experience in transporting green space.


We are committed to reducing CO2 emissions to a minimum. This is why we combine transport as efficiently as possible and our drivers regularly attend training courses and courses.

Our passion

For years, we have been sharing our passion for landscaping, trees and transport. Hendriks Green Logistics combines this passion in a beautiful one-stop concept. All that in the heart of Europe’s largest area of avenue tree nurseries!

Meet our team

Henk Hendriks

Managing Director

Marianne Hendriks


Krijn Kuijper

Logistics planner

Dirk van de Ven

Logistics planner

Robbert Huurman

Logistics planner

Johan Rijksen

Logistics coordinator

Ortje van Tuijl


Chantal Dirksen


Mirjam van Brenk


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